Step into the comfortable cockpit, underneath the whirring propellers. Buckle up, and soar into the air, over the sensational cityscapes, luscious rolling hills and incredible views. Journey into luxury. 

At Vanilla Skies our helicopter rides are more than just a ride. They’re more than just a trip up in a helicopter. They’re more than a just a fun helicopter flight. They are a sensational experience.

Here at Vanilla Skies, we don’t just specialise in helicopter rides across the UK. We specialise in unforgettable experiences, and truly incredible memories. You don’t just book a short 10 minute trip up in a helicopter and back to the ground. You book an adventure. You book something exquisite. You book luxury. Charter your helicopter flight today, to experience the only way to travel in style. At Vanilla Skies, we’ll take care of everything for you, from the moment you leave your house, right up until you walk back through the front door after an incredible day of flying. Working closely with Whizzard Helicopters, we have access to a diverse selection of helicopters to suit every need, from Manchester to London and across England. Whatever your requirements might be, we can exceed them.

Arrive at your destination without stress and worry, knowing that every aspect of your journey is taken care of. Forget about the traffic, and enjoy those incredible views as you soar across cityscapes bathed with morning sunlight, to get to that meeting on time. Or see your favourite British city like never before as you fly to a dinner date you’ll never forget. 

Take to the air without a care in the world, with Vanilla Skies. Sensational Charter Helicopter Flights.



Your wedding day will always be unforgettable, but if you want that little bit extra or that something different to truly arrive in style, charter a helicopter to wow your guests and get to and from your wedding in total luxury, without having to worry about traffic jams or road closures. Or kick start your honeymoon with a sensational flight straight from your venue to the airport, with no relaxation time wasted.


No shot is too difficult for the pilots at Vanilla Skies, as we go out of our way to support the film and television industry, in helping them capture those moments that matter. We have a huge choice of helicopters and supporting kit to help photographers and videographers take to the skies and take some incredible images, whether that be a stunning picture, an important survey, or a breathtaking scene.


If you have clients to impress or simply need to get to an important meeting that you just cannot miss, then let Vanilla Skies look after your business. We can fly you from the airport straight to your meeting and back again, or transport you across the UK to save time and inconvenience. Or you could simply charter a helicopter with us to give your clients and associates an experience they’ll always remember and thank you for.